Designing a Team-Building Exercise at an Annual Sales meeting

Client: An International Printing Company
Venue: The Marriott Slough / Windsor
Size: 100 Internal Staff from the UK


  • To create an ice-breaker for the attendees
  • To engage them in both the presentations and general networking
  • To increase the motivation of the sales force


  • Due to extremely short timeframes, 5 days, the options were limited however we came up with a “Deal or No Deal” type event
  • All attendees were provided with a numbered box
  • The numbered boxes contained a range prizes such as, a Plasma TV, Football match tickets, Fortnum and Masons Hampers, CD Vouchers, Pens and T-shirts
  • Chosen delegates then played a similar game to TV Quiz Show and won prizes.
  • It also encouraged networking and prizes were exchanged in the breaks

Thanks very much for all the assistance. The event went off brilliantly. The game idea really worked and got the guys involved. Given the short notice and a slight change to the running order it was a real success. Thank you for clearly marking all the prizes- it made it so simple for me. Programmes and Events Manager


The event management was conducted by Obis 360 who worked in conjunction with the client to produce an effective addition to their event. The budget was closely monitored by Obis 360 to ensure value for money at all times. The feedback from the sales force and the client was great.


This was a very important event, as its main goal was to motivate staff into the next sales year. The event was a great success.

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