Partner Launch Event

Client: A Global IT Organisation
Venue: Mercedes Benz World, Surrey
Size: 100 guests from the UK


  • To find a venue that was a “bit different from the norm”
  • To add find a venue with the ability to have afternoon activities on site
  • The venue had to be easily accessible and be able to cope with a potential capacity increase
  • To manage all venue liaisons from start to finish
  • The client also asked us to produce name badges for each attendee to the event for registration on the day


  • We found a fantastic venue with an afternoon activity to draw attendees
  • Tours and passenger riders round the track were organised by Obis 360
  • The event management was carried out and managed by Obis 360 who liaised with all relevant parties to ensure excellence

The event was great! Outstanding venue, on-site staff management was exceptional, a complete 360 degree success from the start through to completion. Marketing Manager



Venue options were sent to the client within 1 day of the enquiry. These included different types of venues with varying budgets. One of these was chosen by the client. Obis 360 worked together with the client to produce a fabulous event.


Even though there was a postal strike the badges arrived at the venue and all saved the client a lot of time and worry. The client had a very successful event and delegates very much enjoyed the afternoon activities they experiences. The client is running another event at this venue of the back of the success of this event.

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