Summer Party

Client: A Premium Public Sector Consultancy
Venue: Westminster Abbey
Size: 200 guests from the UK



  • To find a venue that was unusual, spectacular and a place people would not normally visit
  • The venue had to be easily accessible and be able to cope with a potential capacity increase
  • To manage all venue liaisons from start to finish


  • We found an superb venue in central London undercutting their budget
  • The event management was carried out and managed by Obis 360 who liaised with all relevant parties to ensure excellence
  • We recommended caterers and suppliers for all aspects of the event
  • We attended on the night to ensure the smooth running of the event.

Thank you very much for a superb evening, and please pass on our thanks to the vergers who conducted the tours, they did a splendid job and all our guests thoroughly enjoyed the evening and felt that it was one of the best reception’s they had been to. Many thanks for helping us find this wonderful venue, so many commented that it was completely unlike anything they had been to before and would never have thought it possible to hold an event there (other than a royal wedding…etc). The caterers were also very good and attentive, and were on hand to help with anything we wanted. Event Manager


Six venue options were sent to the client within 12 hours of the enquiry. These included different types of venues with varying budgets. One of these was chosen by the client.

Obis 360 worked together with the client to produce a fabulous event.


The client chose to hold the event at Westminster Abbey on the recommendation of Obis 360. We arranged tours of the Abbey for the delegates which meant they came away with a feeling of having discovered and learnt something new, and also felt very privileged to be shown around the Abbey whilst empty of tourists. It was a very successful event.

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