8 Secret Insider Tips For Planning Your Next Corporate Event!

8 Secret Insider Tips For Planning Your Next Corporate Event!

Event planning can be hard. Whether your organising a small business meeting or a large global conference, it can be difficult to think of everything, from finding a venue to delegate acquisition,  there are many things you need to think about. But as long as you put the time in to the little things, everything will start to blend together and make for a really successful event! So to help you on your way, here’s a few of our insider top tips!

1. Think about your budget
Try to establish a budget before starting to source a venue. Venue costs can vary wildly and it is best to have an idea of budget in advance to enable sourcing of a venue that is the correct standard for your budget.

2. Location is Key
Find a venue with easy access for your audience, which will minimise drop out as people are more inclined to travel to an event if it is easy to get to.

3. It’s all in the detail
Give as much detail as possible in your brief. The more specifics you can give right from the start including “must haves”, the closer you will find your match which will save valuable time and money searching for things that are not ideal

4. A space to breathe
Many conference rooms are situated in the lower ground floor or rooms without light. If you have a conference room with no natural daylight always try to have your breaks in the fresh air or a room with access to fresh air.

5. Food glorious food
Food choices are very important at an event. If having a sit down lunch or dinner always schedule in plenty of time to get your guests into and out of the room again. Considering standing buffet lunches, especially if there are exhibition stands, can save time.

6. On the road again
If you are running a roadshow or series of events try to keep the venues in the same star rating in each location. Quite often choosing a “chain” venue can help with this and quite often for block bookings of event even further discounts can be demanded.

7. Theme to win
Themed breaks are a great add on to any event. If it is hot why not consider ice-creams with the afternoon coffee break, or energy snacks with the morning break. Not only will it create a talking point for your events but will make attendees feel special.

8. Give it away
Delegate “gifts” are a great addition to any event. Not only will it remind guests of your event but if you make the take away useful, such as a power pack or trolley key chain, the chances are your guests will use it on a regular basis and the promotion of your company increases.

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