One-Day Annual User Group at an Interesting Location

Client: Leading Software Company
Venue: Vinopolis, London
Size: Up to 100 delegates


  • To show customer service to existing clients and update them on new products / solutions
  • To gain greater awareness of the product for potential clients
  • To increase sales and drive the business forward


There needed to be something extra to pull attendees to the event

No matter what our request, Obis 360 has consistently delivered excellent service, researching & proposing excellent venues for a number of our corporate events. In addition to providing a comprehensive venue finding service they have offered qualified and competent staff to manage every project supporting their philosophy of total event management. We actively recommend the Obis 360 team. Sales Administrator, EMEA


Obis 360 immediately actioned finding a venue with a “wow” factor that still came in under budget. The extra pull also ideally needed to be supplied / hosted at the venue to keep attendees in the same place. All of this and the event management were conducted by Obis 360.

We worked closely with the client to establish a budget and a goal for the event then we took all the pressure away from them.


We opted for Vinopolis and gave delegates the added extra of a Vinopolis wine challenge. We designed a set and filmed the proceedings in order that these could be uploaded onto a website post event for attendees to refer to and download.

The wine challenge kept the attendees at the event and encouraged them to network with peers in a much more informal environment.